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Benjamin Delaney Ellingson, MAEC
Web Design & Development
& eBook Formatting Services

(NOTE: I've teamed with my brother & we're set up at Web Niobium now. C'mon & visit us over there!)
Got an idea or a question you'd like to talk over with someone? Something you need or want to do but you're not quite sure how to go about it? Feel free to contact me & we can throw some ideas around, just for fun. (I like that kind of stuff.) You can decide later if there's any point in hiring me to do any "official" work.
OR email me here using this form.
**If you'd like a return phone call, be sure to include your number.
"Besides being trustworthy, consistent and reliable, Ben Ellingson has delivered an exceptional product. When working with Ben, he had our company's best interest at his heart and gave us sound advice and connections for getting a job done. He was very professional, practical and kind. I know Ben to be a person of integrity, vision, and performance, and I enthusiastically recommend him."
-Cindy Grady
Managing Director
WriteLife, LLC
Web Design means the content of a site is well-organized and presented effectively.
Learn more about my web design work.
Web Development refers to the process of combining compelling on-screen design elements with appropriate behind-the-scenes features to make innovative & dynamic web pages. Why do that?
eBook Formatting can begin with virtually any kind of digital file & quickly result in your book's availability through a number of different platforms, such as Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK books. Learn more.
Traditional Print Media Layout skills go hand-in-hand with Web Design & eBook Formatting. I've worked on a number of book designs as well as commercial & fine arts projects including cards, calendars and even large-format high-quality art prints. Explore further.
In case you wondered what the letters MAEC after my name up at the top stand for that'd be Master of the Arts in Eastern Classics. Before I ever heard of HTML, CSS, SQL or ASP I studied the very challenging Sanskrit language in graduate school at St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM.
image I live right on the edge of downtown Montpelier with my wife Amanda and our son Cale. We began 2011 by leaving what we thought was the best small town in America (Decorah, Iowa) and moved to Montpelier only to learn over the past couple years that our previous hometown was actually only the second best small town in America:)) I continue to do web, marketing & publishing work for artist & storyteller Brian Andreas & his StoryPeople company even after moving over a thousand miles away from company headquarters. We initially came to Montpelier so Amanda could become more involved with the North of Eden archetypal dreamwork organization. While I sit in my basement office and work to build & revise websites, create content for Kindles & iPads and try to come up with a few fun new marketing angles, Amanda works & runs while Cale attends third grade at Union Elementary. There's a comfy couch to sit on in my home office or plenty of fine coffeeshops right around the corner, so if you ever wanna get together to discuss a project, please feel free to contact me up above or email me at and I'm sure we can figure something out. See you then!
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